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The Mayans were great potters who produced one of the most beautiful ceramics in America and the world, they knew how to paint in fresco and watercolor and they were excellent sculptors who modeled with clay effigies of imponderable execution. Modeling in clay was a secular art and the figurines show the Maya as he saw himself; they are the expression of the common man and the world around them, and that is why it is their pottery that has provided the most neat information about the life of their people and especially that of their women, absent from the reliefs of the monuments. Because the Mayan pottery, like that of almost all the places where the pottery was at its archaic level - Africa or Milanesia -, was made by women, and the product of female inspiration was the design and creation of pieces of extraordinary mastery in the execution and a realistic knowledge of the form and movement. These pieces are representative of his refined, majestic and elegant art, and constitute an excellent example of the Maya aesthetic ideal.

With the purpose of perpetuating the singular traditional craftsmanship of the Mayan civilization, Archaeological Replicas Mayan Art of Ticul presents its line of faithful replicas of archaeological ceramics that includes the different periods and transitions of this great culture, as well as offering its own exclusive creations of pottery following the Mayan style. Each piece made by "Maya Art" is an authentic exponent of prehispanic art transported to our times by the same archaic systems and using the same materials used by the Mayans, such as clays and muds extracted from the old banks in different cultural centers as Ticul in Yucatán, and those of Tepacán and Kumpich in Campeche.

"Arte Maya" has achieved, through analysis of fragments of archaeological pottery and through long studies and exhaustive experiments, faithful replicas and majestic creations of the most beautiful pieces of Mayan pottery reproduced by craftsmen of the pottery in each of his works of art. art follow the same technique of the prehispanic Maya and using pigments, clay, earth and volcanic ash extracted from ancestral banks, and this collection has indicated the pattern to follow in our firm intention to promote the rebirth of Mayan art and disseminate it in all areas of the world to reaffirm the position that belongs to the Mayan culture, cataloged by scholars as the "Greeks of America."



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